The first truly affordable option
for individually owned solar power


Lower cost over rooftop installations

Enjoy fixed savings for 20-25 years

SolarCondo affordability starts with the economies of scale that come from building a large-scale solar facility. It simply costs less to build many SolarCondo systems, each containing a number of solar panels, than it does to build a series of custom-designed, custom-built rooftop systems. It will produce clean, renewable energy for up to 25 years at a fixed cost.

Produce more energy than rooftop installations

Leverage high-efficiency solar technology

We use high-efficiency solar tracking mechanisms that produce an average of 25 percent more energy than fixed rooftop installations and decrease the cost of each kilo-watt hour (kWh) produced. So, when viewed in terms of energy delivered, a CommunitySun SolarCondo costs less than rooftop solar.

30% potential Federal tax credit

Lowers your up-front costs

When you factor in available incentives – such as the Federal tax credits – the SolarCondo is more affordable than rooftop installations.  Consult your tax and legal advisor regarding tax or legal-related purchase decisions.

Reduces your out-of-pocket costs

Mortgage rate financing possible

A SolarCondo is just that – a condo – it is now possible to finance a substantial portion of the purchase price through a SolarMortgage™ bank loan just as you would finance the purchase of a residential or commercial condominium.