Finally, affordable solar energy at secure rates

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Want an affordable energy alternative?

Produce your own clean, renewable electricity

With a SolarCondo you can produce your own clean, renewable electricity. The price of power from your SolarCondo may be less than your current energy bill, and buying a SolarCondo is more affordable than rooftop solar.

Worried about rising energy prices?

Secure fixed rates for up to 25 years

A SolarCondo will produce clean, renewable energy for the next 25 years at a fixed cost. Say goodbye to rising energy prices. With a SolarCondo, CommunitySun is bringing energy independence to one and all.

Want to generate your own solar energy?

Now you can

Many utility customers have been excluded from owning their own solar power system due to cost. Or they can’t install solar panels on their homes or places of business because their rooftops are unsuitable due to shade trees or poor orientation to the sun. Until now. 

Low maintenance and long life

Solar panels last 20 to 25 years

You choose the number of solar panels you need, to live comfortably in the green. You own the solar panels – and the energy they produce. The energy generated by your solar system is subtracted from your utility bill.