Energy flows to your home or business, and the savings flow to your monthly bill.

How to buy

Here's how it works...

Individually owned solar panels in a shared facility

Just like in a residential condo, a community of people each buy an individual SolarCondo within a solar facility with shared interests in land and common elements. Owners belong to a SolarOwnersAssociation™ governance group for management and maintenance.

Each person individually owns specific solar panels

Real property with a SolarDeed™

Each SolarCondo has a SolarDeed™ title. Yes, it is real property that has a title and can be bought and resold. It's transferable separate from your business or residence.

No rooftop needed

Makes solar ownership more affordable

A SolarCondo makes solar ownership more affordable, and you don’t have to worry about location suitability. With a SolarCondo, there’s no rooftop installation of any kind. It's fully effective regardless of roof design or shade trees.

Renters and tenants eligible

Practical for business, single and multi-family properties

This also makes a SolarCondo the practical option for anyone who pays a utility bill but has no legal access to a rooftop – people like apartment dwellers, residential condominium owners and commercial business tenants. 

Goes with you when you move

Transfer or sell your SolarCondo

The electricity generated by your SolarCondo goes with you when you move as long as you move within the service area of your electric utility. Unlike rooftop installations, you will not leave your solar panels behind on the roof of your former residence or business.